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Frequently Asked Questions

First-time questions

When and where do you meet?

We currently meet every Thursday morning at The Department in downtown Phoenix from 6:30 to 8:30 AM, excluding national holidays. We begin promptly at 6:30 in the morning, but please feel free to come and leave as your schedule allows.


I can only make it for some of the time or intermittently, is that okay?

Of course, there is no demand upon you to be present for any more than you are able to attend. Consider this an open invitation.


What does it look like when you gather?

While we cannot promise it will always look like 1 Corinthians 14:26-33, this is the scriptural model that we aim to follow as a local gathering of believers. As a result, no one week will look the same. Some meetings will be heavy with teaching, while others will lean toward more worship and prayer. The only thing that will remain constant is that we "each one" bring something to share of Jesus together. Week over week, we are all learning to seek the mind of Christ and hold fast to Him as our Chief Shepherd and Head.


How is this different than a bible study, small group, round table, movement, etc?

We do not gather to solely study the Bible, build relationship, share our lives with one another, or make something big happen—though all of these things and far more do and will happen. We assemble to seek, speak, and express Christ's fullness together as members of His body, satisfied by nothing less than Jesus Himself. Whatever you may think this looks like before witnessing it firsthand, we guarantee you have never experienced anything quite like it. 


Who leads the group?

Christ leads us, animating life in His body by the power of His Holy Spirit. 


No, really. Who runs, facilitates, administrates, or organizes the group meetings?

Really. We are led by none other than Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit. Every saint who enters is a leader according to their own gifting and sphere of influence. Some among us clearly demonstrate an extraordinary amount of concern and care for the church and are recognized as pillars, accordingly. But you will find no single or greatest leader among us except the very Person of Jesus, our Lord.


Is this associated or in partnership with a local church or ministry?

We are not officially sponsored by or partnered with any specific church or ministry. In fact, the members among us come from a diverse number of backgrounds, experiences, denominations, and churches all across Phoenix. 


So, is this a church, ministry, or non-profit?

We do not believe the church is a man-made building or organization, but a spiritual expression of the Life of Christ. We are God's family, body, bride, building, priesthood, people, flock, field, city, and nation. Therefore, we say "we are the church," a title no different than that which every Christian bears together. 


Is there a required commitment level to join?

We do not ask you to make any commitment before or after meeting with us. However, we do invite you to participate in a deep way. Should you feel called to do so after witnessing us in action, we look forward to being built together with you in Christ.


What should I expect to experience if I join for the long haul?

This answer is too great only to detail here, but at minimum, know that you will witness an unparalleled vision of Jesus Christ. And He will change you as only He can. 


What's the group's name mean?

The name of this group, Men of 1, is based on Ephesians 4:4-6. This name was primarily given for the sake of a common vernacular, not because we are seeking to build a brand or organization. Candidly, this name is largely irrelevant to us, for we much prefer to be found in no other name but the Name above all names. When all is said and done, Jesus holds the only Name to which we bow.

Follow-up questions

Do you only meet once a week?

We regularly meet on Thursday mornings in downtown Phoenix. However, as relationships are built, we strongly exhort brothers to meet together even more regularly so that we might discover Christ together and come prepared to share what it is of Himself that is being revealed. In other words, we believe meeting only four times per month is not the ideal.


What is the mission?

We are mighty men of God, exhaustively pursuing to corporately express Christ’s fullness in Greater Phoenix.


What is the vision?

To participate in God's kingdom coming to earth as it is in heaven through building up mature local expressions of Christ's body.


What are your beliefs? 

Rather than point to any one creed, we declare that our creed is Jesus Christ Himself, the One who has existed unmade since the beginning, the Name by which all are saved from sin and death whosoever confesses Him as Lord and believes God raised Him from the dead. Christ is All.


What are your values?

We currently claim seven core values, which we have intentionally decided to not over-explain. Instead, we hope that these two-word values and simple sentences illuminate the spirit behind this community, while also providing each member with the freedom to explore what each value may mean in their own experience among us.

Lordship and Liberty: The gospel of the kingdom is neither legalistic nor libertine, but a two-sided gospel of Lordship and Liberty in Christ. This is Good News of exceedingly great joy.

Mighty Love: Love is the greatest commandment and this is the Spirit by which we intend to be known at all as mighty men. God is Love, and we live to abide in Him.

Submissive Leadership: In the new covenant, there is not an emphasis on human authority, but on Christ's authority. We choose to mutually submit to one another under His rightful reign, following Christ's leadership side-by-side.

Joyful Discomfort: It costs something to follow Christ as we have been called. Everything, in fact. Therefore, we will press in to the joyful discomfort it requires to follow Him completely.

Manifold Wisdom: God's wisdom is multi-faceted and spiritual in nature, nearly always looking foolish to the world. We trust the variety of His wisdom, provided through the counsel of the Living Word and the variety of His body's members.

Uncommon Simplicity: We will not let our minds be led astray from a simple devotion unto Christ, nor will we let the world system infiltrate a spiritual work.

Relentless Patience: Though we may be able to prolong God's timing, we cannot shortcut it. God is patient. Love is patient. And patience is His fruit.


What am I responsible for as a member of this group?

There is no law or list of qualifications required to partake in what it is the Lord is doing among us. We simply invite you to believe that God wants to do a great work in Phoenix (as He does the whole world) and walk worthy of the calling to which we have all been called, enabled to do so by His indwelling Life. You are a part-owner of this group, just as everyone of us is in the Lord.


Are there any traditions or rules we should all keep?

No. There is no list of rules or expectations that we will place of ourselves upon you. As with any family, we may incorporate some unique habits and patterns over time, but we also know that these will evolve and are not set in stone. Christ is our Guide and there is no yoke or burden here, only grace. As such, we look forward to your unique contribution in the body and how you will help expand this particular expression of Christ on the earth.


When did this group start meeting and who began it?

Our first meeting took place on July 6, 2017. It was called together by Jonathan Cottrell after he felt the Lord stirring on his heart, encouraging him to initially convene this group of local men. But this is not his, we all agree, for we belong to Christ and Christ alone. Other members who participated in that first gathering included Jerrod Bailey, Evan Bates, Mike Bhatti, Jeff Booth, Scott Bradley, Dave Cottrell, Mike Farrell, Zach Fuller, Rich Jennings, Derek Kinzer, Mark Miller, and J.T. Vandegriff, not to mention several other brothers who desired to be present but could not join until later. God rejoiced over our small beginning.


Can I give money to this group?

No. We have no overhead or operational budget, as we are not an organization and do not pay any staff. We simply encourage you, as we do all believers, to give generously to the needs and individuals that the Lord places in your path and on your heart. How and where you give remains between you, your family, and God.


Is there a list of group members I can contact?

As you join the community, a contact list will be shared with you in case you need to reach a certain member. We do not encourage electronic messages to the entire group unless it is beneficial to all, but we do encourage as much communication as possible member-to-member, so that we might mutually encourage one another in our daily walks.


I feel uncomfortable with something in the group, who should I speak with about it?

If you have a conflict with or feel like you should speak with a certain individual in the group, we instruct you to do so one-on-one at first, as scripture encourages. If there is a matter that you believe necessitates the attention of everyone, we encourage you to share it as the Lord leads, then trust the spiritual discernment that Jesus provides the entire body as we collectively weigh your words.


Do you have any recommended mentorship, reading, or training as I seek to grow?

We believe there is great wisdom in shared-life discipleship, corporate training, and reading what others in the Lord have to share with His body. Together, we will work to readily share such resources and practical lessons so that we all might grow together, but we maintain no "official" list of resources at this point. 


I have more questions. Who should I contact?

We're ready to listen, but we currently ask that all questions or comments be shared with the entire group or its relevant members, preferably face-to-face. We look forward to hearing your questions during your next available Thursday morning. Join us.